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Kiera Rahming

Let’s enhance your home and business together! Many people are surprised to hear that every piece I’ve built is from a blank piece of wood. I don't just decorate, I CREATE!
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Hi There!

I'm Kiera, educator and creative mind behind Summer Orchid Crafts, est. April 2019. Summer Orchid is a home decor store specializing in wall hangings. Each design is handmade and carefully designed with YOU in mind. When I’m not teaching or creating, you can catch me hanging out with my amazing partner, Daisha [day-shu] or chatting on Facetime with my fam and friends in FL [Hey y’all 👋🏾].


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Let's Get Personal

Who am I? Just a Florida girl ready to get creative and help your space stand out! Handmade is the new vibe. And of course I had to come up with a cool name. Summer is my favorite season (this teacher deserves every break lol) and Orchids [or-kids] are my favorite flower, put those two beautiful things together to birth: Summer Orchid
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