Meet The Artist

Kiera Rahming- Reed

Former Educator turned Wood worker

Kiera is a self-taught scroll saw artist, creating three-dimensional wood art pieces. When she first began scrolling in 2019, the only tool she had previously used was a drill. Entering the woodworking world quickly became exhausting. Not only did she experience a huge learning curve while working with power tools, but she was also entering a cis-het., male dominated industry. This became frustrating and lonely, so she stopped. When we were all quarantined in 2020, and virtual teaching became her daily routine, she needed a creative outlet. Determined to create a space for herself in the woodworking world, she carved out time in her schedule to grow as an artist. Those years in lockdown helped her blossom into a full-time, three-dimensional wood artist who creates art inspired by women of color. She strives to capture the soft, yet bold essence of these women through every cut, curve, and detail. Learn more about the scroll saw process here:


the process

Power Tools

Used to create all artworks


Previously discarded, scrap wood from a large company used frequently


BIPOC, Queer, and/or Women will always be represented


Let's Get Personal

Hey! I'm Kiera [key-air-uh] a Florida girl and former educator. As a teacher, Summer quickly became my favorite season. My love for flowers helped my business bloom into: Summer Orchid. As a current Georgian, you can often catch me admiring nature amongst the trees or hanging out with my wife, Daisha and our puppy Oakley. Stay Creative <3
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