A Mission To:

A Mission To:

    When I first saw the phrase, Give Black Women Their Flowers as an exhibitor at the Black Girl Art Show, I immediately wondered how did I incorporate this in my daily life. Did I give Black women their flowers? Did I give myself flowers? What does this phrase even mean to me?

Black girls cut from wood

My first collection was an ode to healing the young girls inside of us, but what about our present selves?    

    Black women's contributions are woven into our country's very fabric, yet many stories are forgotten or erased. How does society give Black women their flowers? Society by definition means the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community. It is the responsibility of the community to give Black women their flowers and to tell their stories. Through art, I am Celebrating Black women by showcasing them in a way that brings them honor.

   Each art piece is uniquely designed to highlight aspects of the Black body, mind, and spirit. Our hair will be highlighted by texture, imitating curls. Our bodies will be praised no matter the size. The complexity of our minds will be reflected through the details carved in each piece. I desire to capture the soft yet boldness of our spirit in every art piece.  Ride along on this journey with me as I discover all of the unique ways Black women present themselves to the world. It is my hope that you are inspired by this mission to live your truth and celebrate Black women.  

Stay Creative,


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