Noir Résilience

Noir Résilience

 As young, black girls our skin and hair were talked about the most.  We're either too dark or we're not black enough because our skin was too light. Our hair was called nappy and unkempt, but we fought through the negativity and embraced our natural selves . I am thrilled to introduce to you, Noire Resilience Part 1: Hey Brown Girl. 


This handmade, 3-dimensional collection is for US by us. Let's teach our girls that all of our skin tones are beautiful. Our hair is our crown, but it does not define who you are. They can be girly like Naomi. Athletic like Londyn. Spunky like Treasure all while having a strong Sisterhood like Kayden and Emery.


We are black.

We are resilient.

We are Black Resilience.


We all know a Naomi. She loves playing dress up and wearing her mother's heels. Naomi is such a doll. She loves fashion and pretends to be a model. Naomi struts with confidence and embraces the skin she's in.

 As she grows, Naomi may become self-conscious about herself. The industry may make her feel like she's not skinny enough or her skin is too dark. Let's shower her with compliments and reassurance now! Let the Naomi's in your life know that their beauty runs deeper than what they see in the mirror. Their light shines from within and no matter what others may say, they are special!

 Naomi embodies the girly girl in us all. Keep being you, Naomi, we need you in this world.

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A free-spirited athlete. Londyn embodies the wild child in us all. She's all about becoming 1 with nature and her hair helps her feel centered. Londyn prefers being outdoors. Whether it's playing a sport or laying in the grass daydreaming, nature comforts her.

We all know a Londyn. The one that encourages everyone to recycle. The one that turns off the running water and all of the lights. She's the one that stays outside until the streetlights come on.

 Londyn shows us that black girls love nature. And yes, we love our hair, but that doesn't keep us from running outside, barefoot, in the rain.

 As she grows, Londyn may feel like she doesn't fit in. Her friends may start to wear makeup and heels, but she'd rather kick a ball or capture fireflies. Let's wrap out arms around Londyn to let her know that's it's cool to be different! She's one of a kind and no one can take that away from her!

Cheers to all of the wild, carefree Londyns in the world. We need your spirit.

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Spunky, bold, and charming. Treasure is someone who we all love and admire. She takes risks without thinking twice. When she fails, she gets back up and tries again and again. “Can’t” is not a part of her vocabulary.

We all know a Treasure! Some call her mischievous when she’s just curious. Some say she talks too much when she’s just outspoken.

As she grows, many will try to silence while she stands for equal rights. Many will try to place her in a box and she’s way beyond that. Treasure is a girl who will intimidate many because of her confidence and audaciousness. Love on her and let her know that she IS and will always make a difference in this world.

Continue to chase after your dreams Treasure, we need you in this world.



Kayden + Emery.

 Sisters are the best of friends; no matter what happens in life, they will always be there for one another. Sisters have a special bond. Just like sprinkles on a cupcake, sisters bring so much joy to life. They may argue, they may fight, but no matter what they will always find a way to reconnect. Let’s teach our girls to support one another as they journey through life! Sisterhood is an essential part of life.


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